The marketing of corn and soybeans can be a difficult process and is influenced by a number of factors including weather patterns, worldwide supply and demand fluctuations, foreign currency rates, trade regulations, and unpredictable events. In order to make profitable decisions, the pricing of grain requires analysis, planning and forward thinking.

Investor partners who have elected to take physical possession of their grain will need to develop and execute a marketing plan to help maximize profits and return on investment. A marketing plan is necessary for partners choosing the crop share lease, bushel lease, net share lease, or custom farming option. M&S Farms can discuss with the landowner a number of marketing items including the importance of keeping abreast of market developments, establishing price objectives, and selecting the appropriate sales method to meet cash flow and income needs while at the same time minimizing risk.

In addition, M&S Farms can discuss a variety of marketing tools to consider including cash sales, forward cash contracts, cash sale with deferred payment, minimum price contracts, basis contracts and other marketing tools. This assistance may help the investor develop the optimal marketing plan that helps manage price and yield risk while achieving maximum profitability.

Historical Corn Prices
Historical Soybean Prices

Click on the link below to view the historical Iowa cash corn and soybean prices as published by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

Iowa Historical Cash Corn and Soybean Prices

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