Excellent 2020 Spring Planting Conditions

The planting conditions for the 2020 crop year have been excellent, which is a welcome relief from the wet spring that we incurred during the 2019 planting season. The soil conditions warmed up early and we obtained favorable weather patterns which allowed us to plant all of our corn by the end of April. Soybean planting followed closely behind and we anticipate planting all remaining fields in the next couple of days.

We are hopeful that the additional growing degree days that the crops will receive will help produce strong yields this fall. Obviously we need mother nature to help by providing normal precipitation during optimal times throughout the growing season. As of May 3rd, the year-to-date precipitation recorded by our weather station was 6.70 inches compared to an average of 7.20 inches. The 60-day precipitation level is 82% of normal, with the actual precipitation amount of 4.46 inches compared to the normal level of 5.42 inches. Therefore, we could use a little rain to give the newly planted crops a nice boost to start the growing season.


Corn seedling already starting to sprout…very exciting!

The soil flows very evenly and smoothly during field cultivating. Much better than previous years!


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